Your Day Spa and a Cash Advance

As summer temperatures skyrocket, day spas’ air-conditioning bills tend to follow suit. A spa should be a relaxing environment—you want your customers to be cool and comfortable but you also want to keep AC costs down. If you’re a spa owner worried about rising electricity costs, consider covering costs with a merchant cash advance from AmeriMerchant and trying these tips:

  1. Upgrade AC systems. If your AC system is over 12 years old, you should replace it with a new, high-efficiency compressor. Energy Star® has a model that can reduce a business’s cooling costs by 30 percent. You should also check your air sealing and insulation—they prevent heat and moisture from entering your spa.
  2. Close it up and turn it off. If you’re going to run your AC system, make sure all windows are closed tight and turn off exhaust fans otherwise your cool air (and money) will be sucked outside.
  3. Open up. If possible, leave windows open at night. Natural ventilation reduces the need for super powered AC. If you can’t leave your windows open, turn your air off at nighttime. Your AC does not need to run 24-hours-a-day.
  4. Invest in fans. Floor and ceiling fans provide extra comfort and cooling power to your guests by creating a wind-chill effect. Use fans in conjunction with the AC to keep your spa temperature low and relaxing.
  5. Window treatments. Shading sunny windows with tall plants, curtains, or awnings provides relief from the heat and adds a bit of style to your spa. Curtains can be lined with blackout lining to shield your customers from the sun and help keep your electric bill down.
  6. When the sun goes down. Wait until nightfall to turn on dryers, dishwashers, or ovens if you have them in your spa. They will reduce the amount of heat produced in your spa, causing you to crank the thermostat down. Using them at nighttime will reduce your costs.
  7. Program it. Your AC should have a programmable thermostat that can regulate the temperature of the spa. It should also turn off the AC at nighttime in case you, or an employee, forget to shut it off after closing.
  8. Pamper your AC. If you’re a spa owner you know all about body maintenance—it’s important to tune up your body with relaxing massages, facials, and treatments. You should also tune up your AC regularly. Make sure ductwork is properly sealed, insulated and balanced. Evaporating and condenser coils, cooling coils, and fan blades should be cleaned or changed regularly. The compressor, condensate drain, and refrigerant level should be professionally serviced every two years.

The steamy months can be a drain on your bank account. If cooling down your spa has you in a hot spot financially, then contact AmeriMerchant today. AmeriMerchant has over 10 years of experience providing cash advances to small business owners. If you’re looking for funding for your small business then call AmeriMerchant at 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast). AmeriMerchant can provide your spa with a variety of working capital solutions. Visit us at and apply online today!