Your Bakery and a Merchant Cash Advance

Forbes reported that during an economic downturn the popularity of ‘mood foods’ increases. ‘Mood foods’ include comfort food classics such as homemade breads, pies, brownies, and cookies. Baked goods (savory and sweet) are experiencing a surge in popularity. Forbes’s industry opinion survey said 44 percent of bakery insiders believe the market value of baked goods will continue to rise. This is good news for any bakery owner looking to expand their business to include new flavors, techniques, or equipment. If you are interested in expanding your bakery business but lack the working capital or the flavor profiles to expand your bakery menu and/or floor plan then contact AmeriMerchant to find out how a cash advance could help your bakery. If you’re looking to add new, exciting products to your menu try these delicious treats:

  • Canelés: canelés or cannelés are a pastry native to Bordeaux, France. They are made with a crepe-like batter of flour, egg yolks, and sugar. Once baked, the outside produces a dark, caramelized, crispy crust while the inside becomes dense and chewy.
  • Alfajores: These cookies are already popular in cities with large South American populations and are gaining popularity in bakeries nationwide. Each South American city makes their recipe tailored to the taste buds of their citizens, but the basic cookie construction remains the same. Two round, sweet biscuit-like cookies are joined together with dulce de leche (a type of caramel), chocolate mousse, or different flavored fruit jams. Each cookie is then coated with either dark or white chocolate or simple dusted with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
  • Kourambiethes: Kourambiethes are cookies similar to Greek wedding cookies. They are a type of shortbread made with almonds instead of pecans and coated with powdered sugar. They have a delightfully crumbly texture and smooth mouth feel from the powdered sugar. Kids love these cookies because of the powdered sugar coating they leave on fingers and teeth, adults love them because they have the sophisticated taste of cloves and almond.
  • Sufganiyah: Sufganiyah, (also known as Sufganiyot) are jelly donuts traditionally passed around during Hanukkah festivities. Although they are named for the Hebrew word for sponge, they taste delicious. Like alfajores, sufganiyah were originally made using two circles of dough wrapped around a jam filling which would be sealed by hand and deep fried. Today, the balls of dough are rolled round and fried in hot oil then stuffed with chocolate, jam, or flavored cream. Your bakery can add these Hanukkah treats to the menu year round by offering exciting and unique flavor combinations. Instead of traditional yeast dough, make a peanut butter flavored dough and fill the sufganiyah with jam for a play on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Try adding cocoa to the dough and filling the donut with chocolate for a doubly indulgent chocolate treat.

Installing new equipment or adding new recipes to your menu can be costly and time consuming. AmeriMerchant can supply your bakery with the cash solutions it needs to stay on trend. A small business Merchant Cash Advance from AmeriMerchant could help you fill your bakery with the best baked goods on the market. If you are a bakery owner and you’re interested in finding working capital solutions to keep your trays filled with delicious pastries, breads, cookies, and more contact AmeriMerchant, today. Apply online to receive a free quote or call us at 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast.) Visit us anytime at