Masterclass of smiling florist at work with bunch of flowers

Valentine’s Day Tips for Florists and Flower Shops

What’s that? Valentine’s Day is less than TWO weeks away?


Looks like we have some work to do.

Ignore all the haters bemoaning Valentine’s Day as a “fake” holiday, because it’s real to us.


Lots of our customers, especially florists, rely on Valentine’s Day as a boost in sales in an otherwise slow period of the year. January and February aren’t exactly cash cows for small business owners, but Valentine’s Day can be a shining light in an otherwise dark period.

Last year, consumers spent an estimated $18.9 billion  on Valentine’s Day. So yeah, some fake holiday, right? But not only that, we also spent nearly $2.1 billion on flowers, which is good news for florists.

So Valentine’s Day is a cash cow, especially for independent florists and flower shops. This much we know. But a lot of this moolah is spent online at the generic, online retailers, which is understandable. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, lots of us procrastinate and wait until the last minute (guilty as charged), giving an advantage to the online guys who can deliver in 24 hours later.

But as a florist, you have advantages that the ecommerce stores don’t have. Here are some tips on how florists and flower shops can reign in the sales on Valentine’s Day:

Instagram is your friend: If you’re a florist and you’re not on Instagram, get on it. Now. The visual nature of your products (flowers, bouquets, etc.) makes Instagram arguably the most important social media platform for your business. In recent years, Instagram has also been revamping its features for small business owners, too. This brings us to our next point…

Take advantage of your advantage: What’s the biggest advantage independent, brick-and-mortar flower shops have over the eCommerce sites? Personality, character, customization, etc. Basically all the stuff you can’t get from an eCommerce site. Also the flowers don’t come stuffed in a box. As a florist, you have the ability to offer something a website simply cannot. Because of this, you should be sell, sell, SELLING this aspect of your business as a reason why a customer should go with you over a website.

Reel in the procrastinators: Lots of people (Looking at you, men) probably haven’t even begun thinking about Valentine’s Day, and this is an opportunity you should be pouncing on. As the days before Valentine’s Day begin shrinking, you should be doing special promotions to bring more of these customers to your store. Whether it’s a discount, deal, buy-one-get-one etc., there are many different things you can do. Just make sure to blast your promotion all over your social media accounts.

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