Why Now Is the Time to Finance Your Construction Business

construction financing

Like spring temperatures in New England, the construction industry is always fluctuating. Construction projects require capital and when the economy is on the downswing, projects stall or are cancelled permanently. When the economy improves, there is a rush to develop property in order to take advantage of the ideal conditions. Currently, we’re experiencing the latter. The economy has all but recovered from the Recession and total U.S. construction is expected to rise 9% to $612 billion in 2015, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.

Obviously, now is the time for construction businesses to jump on all the opportunities out there. But how?

Small businesses are often at a financial disadvantage compared to larger competitors that are flusher with cash, which is why we want to fill you in on how we can help provide you construction financing so you can tackle 2015 head on.

How AmeriMerchant can help:

Replacing and repairing equipment: Machines, tools, equipment, trucks—all of these things are paramount to your operations. When something breaks down or needs replacing, it can cost thousands of dollars. Sometimes, equipment will break during a job and you’ll need money to fix it immediately. Thankfully, our programs are designed to get you the money you need fast. Our online application is quick and simple and can get you a decision in just 60 seconds. Once approved, you can have the money in your account in days.

Hiring extra employees: During your busy season, you may find that you’re short on staff and need to promptly hire some extra hands. Normally these won’t be skilled workers, but local teenagers looking for seasonal work. But still, they cost money. Our funds can be appropriated to expanding your payroll and hiring seasonal employees.

Improving cash flow: Every small business needs extra cash flow on hand to take care of little things like bills, taxes, supplies or any overhead costs like gas for your trucks. One thing we do at AmeriMerchant is give businesses the freedom to do whatever they want with the money. So, if you simply want to just stash some and have it on hand in case of an emergency, you can do that!

The options above are just some of the ways your construction company can take advantage of the opportunities ahead in 2015.

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