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Oct 2016

Infographic: Small Businesses and the Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate Infographic - Copy

We conducted a survey in which we asked over 390 small business owners  their thoughts on the presidential debate held on Sept. 26, 2016. The results show that 70% of business owners said they were very likely to watch the televised event. See more of our survey results in our latest infographic.

Mar 2014

What’s New with Small Businesses and Small Business Lending this Week?

Another day, another week of small business rumblings. It seems as if there’s a cosmic shift in small businesses and small business lending every week, and we’re here to break down every new and noteworthy development for you. The news is never thin with small business topics, so let’s take a look at the big …

Feb 2014

What’s new with small businesses and small business lending this week?

Another week, another jam-packed list of topics pertaining to small businesses and small business lending. The fun never stops when it comes to small businesses, and we’ve again compiled a list of the most recent and relevant topics for you to check out. So what are the big stories with small businesses this week? Small …

Feb 2014

10 Years of Facebook: How Small Businesses Have Been Affected

Today is the 10th anniversary of Facebook’s original launch, and what a decade it has been. After starting out as a small social network exclusive to Harvard students, Facebook exploded into the most influential social platform and ushered in the era of Web 2.0. While Facebook has undoubtedly changed the way users communicate with each …

Jan 2014

How Small Business Lending Can Help You Expand in 2014

One decision many business owners eventually encounter is whether or not to expand their operations. Countless questions go into this decision and it’s never easy for owners to put a finger on when the right time is, or if there is ever a right time at all. Questions include can you afford it? Is there …

Jan 2014

This Week in Small Business Lending

Small business—specifically small business lending—is always under the microscope of the local and national media. Now that 2013 is over and 2014 is here, many outlets are giving their takes on the current status of small businesses and small business financing in the U.S. Specifically, the media is asking questions such as “Was 2013 a …