Summer Spa Trends and a Merchant Cash Advance

Stretching out on a plushy massage table isn’t only relaxing—it’s actually good for your health. Spa treatments ranging from foot centric reflexology to exfoliating facials have been linked to big benefits such as easing chronic pain, boosting immunity, soothing anxiety, and quelling depression. Many people find relaxing in a pedicure chair to be a much more peaceful experience than sitting in a psychiatrist or psychologist’s chair. Today, men and women visit spas to pamper their mind, body, and soul. As a spa owner, you already provide clients with the classics—manicure, pedicure, waxing—but what about holistic beauty treatments?  If you want to expand your spa to include holistic treatments as well as the classics then consider offering the following treatments:

  • Deluxe foot treatments: A regular pedicure is certainly relaxing but why not step it up at your salon with a “medi-pedi?” These podiatry inspired pedicures relieve stress and muscle pain through reflexology and special skin treatments. A few salons are offering four-hand foot massages—a technique where two masseuses simultaneously rub the client’s feet in a choreographed movement. It’s incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. During the summer your salon can run a foot special where you encourage clients to spend time pampering their tired feet. Lavishing your feet with attention approves circulation, aids lymphatic drainage, and promotes well-being.
  • The cold shoulder: Traditionally, spas have been known for their hot treatments. They offer saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, and hot stone massages to draw out impurities and detoxify the body. This year, cold treatments have become the go-to therapy for spa goers worldwide. Cold/ice therapies involve cold stones, quick ice water baths, and snow rooms. The snow rooms and igloos are gaining the most popularity—they are known as “frigidariums” and offer spa guests a chilly treat instead of the typical heat. The icy approach to spa treatments allows guests to reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, release endorphins, and boost positive moods. For those customers who like it hot and cold, you can offer dual treatments—first a steam and then a rub down with ice.
  • Fire cupping: Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have shown up to red carpet events with large, circular marks on their backs due to fire cupping. While it looks painful, it’s actually very relaxing and therapeutic. In its simplest form, fire cupping is a type of deep tissue massage, offering pain relief and increasing blood flow. The technician will either rub the inside of a cup with rubbing alcohol or soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, inset it into the cup and then ignite the alcohol. Once lit, the cup is placed on the client’s back and the flame burns out, creating suction inside the now cooling cup. The cup will suck up the skin, open pores, and increase circulation. Some cupping treatments also involve oiling the customer’s back before adding the cups—this allows for easy removal.

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