What’s new with small businesses and small business lending this week?

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Another week, another jam-packed list of topics pertaining to small businesses and small business lending. The fun never stops when it comes to small businesses, and we’ve again compiled a list of the most recent and relevant topics for you to check out.

So what are the big stories with small businesses this week?

Small Businesses Want a Higher Minimum Wage via International Business Times: The article discusses the argument surrounding raising the federal minimum wage. President Obama has recently said he’d like to raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour. Many are in support of the President’s view. However, those in opposition contend that raising the minimum wage would “destroy jobs, especially for small business owners.” In actuality, the article concludes that minimum wage is more of a concern for large corporations who employ many minimum-wage workers as oppose to small businesses.

Rural Small Businesses Hurt by Decline of Local Banks via Fox Business: According to the article, new research is suggesting small businesses in rural areas are down because of the decline of local banks. Because many banks now keep their headquarters in urban areas, many rural communities lack traditional financial lending institutions.

eBay and U.S. Dept of Commerce Partner to Help Small Businesses via Fortune: U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced a partnership with eBay. The partnership will last until December and will work on putting forth legislation in order to help small businesses and their challenges relating to “exporting and cross-border trade.” According to the author, small businesses face many export challenges because of finances and small staff numbers.

As always, the news is humming with small businesses and small business lending. Check in again soon for more current events.