How Can Our Small Business Loans Help During the Holidays?

small business loans for holidays

The holidays are the busiest time of year for small businesses nationwide, especially when it comes to retail stores. It’s fitting that every year ends with the most profitable season for business owners. What are you doing to take advantage of all the potential sales opportunities that await you? Some business owners want to get ahead during the holidays and transition into the New Year on a positive note, but many are unable to. Why? Because of a lack of funds.

At AmeriMerchant, we can get your business the money you need not only for the holidays, but for 2014 and beyond. We differ from a bank in that we can get you the funds quickly and our applications are short and simple. But once you get our small business loan, what can you do with it? Especially when it relates to the holidays?

Here’s a snapshot of what businesses can do with our money during the holidays:

  • Hiring additional staff: During the holidays, you may need additional part-time staff if you decide to increase hours. Having more staff on hand will allow you to be more flexible in regards to who’s in charge of what duty throughout the day.
  • Inventory: During the holidays you’re probably anticipating selling a lot of items. You can use our money to purchase additional inventory so you don’t run into the danger of running out of any one item.
  • Advertising/marketing: How will customers know about your holiday deals and sales? Our money can be used to boost your advertising and marketing campaigns during the holidays. Whether you do your own marketing/advertising or work with consultants, you should be recharging your marketing and advertising for the holidays and end of year push. Specifically, make sure you are passing along information on your social media accounts. This is a cost effective way to reach a wide user base.
  • Holiday bonuses: Many businesses are in the practice of giving out holiday bonuses around this time of year. While you wouldn’t normally apply for a loan just to give out a bonus, you can use any excess money towards extra commissions or bonuses for your hardworking employees.

AmeriMerchant has been giving small business loans to owners since 2002, and we’d like to help you during the holidays. For more information on our loan product or Merchant Cash Advance, call today at 1-800-267-3790.