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You’re an independent sales organization (ISO), equipment leasing company, wholesaler, payment processing professional, or anyone interested in satisfying your clients’ need for working capital.

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You’re a website owner looking to earn commissions off your web traffic by referring customers and getting paid for it.

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You work with small business owners and want to refer those in need of working capital to Capify.

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Working Together

Over the past 13 years, we have helped 30,000 business owners in 4 countries access over $500,000,000 in Small Business Funding, helping them get the working capital they need even if they’ve been turned down by their bank. Our flexible approach in looking at small businesses funding needs combined with our Technology platform, has transformed the way we are able to engage with our customers.

Utilize our platform and offer your customers decisions in as quickly as 60 seconds.

Seamlessly integrate your systems with ours.

With our sophisticated online application platform, not only will you be able to give your merchants decisions in 60 seconds, you will have full access to a dashboard to track all of your submissions. Let us white label the site with your logo and provide a unique link that you can share with your customers.


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