Merchant Cash Advance for Your Paper Boutique

There is something charming and romantic about sending or receiving a letter in the mail. Snail mail has a traditional, old world feel—opening a mailbox to find a letter addressed to you seems much more personal than receiving a run-of-the-mill e-mail. As a stationery store owner, you know the importance of keeping old customs alive. You know all about paper weights, monograms, and sans serif fonts. But do you know that paper is making a big comeback? AmeriMerchant can help your capitalize on the trend in sending paper mail with a merchant cash advance. Use a cash advance to add the following products and services to your paper boutique:

DIY invitations: Do-it-yourself invitation kits are a great addition to your paper boutique because it saves you and your client time and money. You can sell readymade kits with wedding or birthday party themes or offer mix and match letters and envelopes for the more adventurous invitation makers. You can also offer your customers an eco-friendly DIY envelope pack made with post-consumer waste, recycled paper, or recycled cotton. Sell your clients embossed pre-made invitations that fit in their printers—allowing them to achieve a customized look with a lower cost.

Calligraphy: Capitalize on the renewed interest on letter writing by offering calligraphy supplies. Calligraphy literally means “beautiful writing” and is one of the oldest printing methods to date. Calligraphy styles can range from traditional to modern to quirky. Your paper boutique can sell premade calligraphy kits or you can make your own calligraphy kits and sell them as in your store. To assemble a calligraphy kit bundle a leather bound journal, pen holder, nibs, and calligraphy ink in a decorative box. You can offer fledgling and experience calligraphers a large variety of nibs, pen holders, and ink in a wide range of prices. Consider adding high-end pen holders to your paper boutique as they make wonderful graduation and housewarming gifts.

Wrapping paper: The days of school sponsored wrapping paper drives are over. Instead, customers are treating wrapper paper as an extension of a gift. Clever crafters are using wrapping paper with funky designs—think dinosaurs, gold fish, and geographic prints—as a way to personalize gifts. Your paper boutique should carry a variety of printed papers in a slew of colors and patterns. Properly folded Japanese origami makes a cute gift card holder that can be topped with bows cut from shiny papers. Scraps of fabric can be wrapped around wine bottles and secured with raffia or baker’s twine. Offer your customers spools of yarn, colored tape, tissue paper, and paper confetti as a means of gift wrapping. Get creative with your wrapping supplies and help customers find a way to make a great gift even better.

Screen Printing: Screen printing is a beautiful and artistic way to print cards, t-shirts, and more. Almost anything can be printed with a screen printer. These machines can be made at home in a variety of settings—offices, closets, garages, etc. It’s a great project for an advanced crafter or a t-shirt designer looking to make a profit off their designs. Offer screen print supplies (such as screens, light boxes, ink, and squeegees) in your store to attract a new wave of customers. You can even offer a screen reclamation service where you clean used screens in your store.

Adding any and all of these services to your paper boutique will help boost sales during the slow summer months.  If you want to add fresh ink and creative edge to your store, but lack the capital to add new inventory, contact AmeriMerchant. AmeriMerchant has over 10 years of experience providing cash advances to small business owners. If you’re looking for funding for your small business then call AmeriMerchant at 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast).  AmeriMerchant is happy to help your stationery store. Visit us online at