Merchant Cash Advance for Your Gym

If you own a gym you already know that January is going to be the best month of the year for new memberships. The New Year brings new members to the gym—everyone is trying to shed the holiday pounds. As the year goes on, less people remember their New Year’s Resolutions and gym dues begin to taper off. Most gym goers dislike the routine of working out with weights—they prefer interactive classes and technologically advanced machines. If your gym needs to beef up memberships, perhaps you should consider a merchant cash advance from AmeriMerchant and then add the following classes to your roster:

  • Bollywood Dancing: This class is inspired by the dancing and music in Indian movies. This intense cardio workout will tone your clients’ abs and strengthen their legs. The Bollywood class fuses four kinds of dance (jazz, hip-hop, Indian classical, and folk) into one hardcore and super fun workout.  Keep in mind, a trained dance instructor will need to teach this class.
  • Parkour: This intense workout is designed for gym members who want to challenge their minds and their bodies. It’s a sport that combines gymnastics, running, and strength training into one workout. Your clients will jump off ledges, crawl around tight spaces, and practice somersaults inside and outside the gym. Hiring a knowledgeable and highly trained Parkour instructor is an absolute necessity if you plan on offering this class.
  • Paddleboard Yoga: This class combines paddleboarding (a great aerobic workout) with yoga (a wonderful way for your clients to center their mind.) This class can be taught in a large pool, a lake, on the beach, or anywhere there’s water. Before you decide to add this class to your roster, keep in mind that paddleboards are expensive pieces of equipment to purchase. If you do offer a paddleboard yoga class you can charge extra to recoup the costs of purchasing the equipment.
  • Anti-Gravity: Think of this as air bound yoga. Your gym members will swing from “hammocks” hung from the ceiling and use them to fly, spin, swing, and float. It builds your clients’ core while providing them with a fun, Cirque du Soleil-like experience.

Adding any of these classes to your gym can be costly—you’ll have to purchase new equipment and in some cases hire specialized trainers. AmeriMerchant can supply your gym with the cash solutions it needs to grow. If you are a gym and you’re interested in finding working capital solutions to bulk up your sales, contact AmeriMerchant, today. Apply online to receive a free quote or call us at 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast.) You can find out about our Merchant Cash Advance anytime by visiting us