Merchant Cash Advance and Your Catering Business

The National Association of Catering Executives estimates the catering industry takes in $7.1 billion annually. Laurine Wickett, a San Francisco based chef, caterer, and former Top Chef contestant says “With catering, basically every night you are setting up and breaking down a restaurant. The food changes, the venue changes…it can be exciting, but extremely frustrating.” Successful caters, like Wickett, are constantly adapting to their environment and trying to stay on trend. On top of serving delicious food you need to be organized and have enough working capital to make it in the world of catered events. If you’re expanding your catering company or looking for funding, use these tips and contact AmeriMerchant.

  • If you’re cooking out of your home you are limiting yourself to the quantity of food you can make. Renting a commercial kitchen by the hour, or by the day, is a great way to increase your productivity and output. In smaller towns, restaurant kitchens that are closed during the day will often rent out their space.
  • During the “on” season it’s important to hire smart, experienced, and fast servers. Your staff is a reflection of you and your company. They should be well dressed, well groomed, and well versed in the food they are serving. Your bartenders should be able to make a large variety of drinks and offer suggestions to party goers.
  • Marketing and branding are so important if you want to take your catering to the next level. If your catering business does not have a brick and mortar location, it will be harder for new clients to envision your food. Your catering business should have a website with professional photos of the food you serve and the events you’ve thrown. If you deliver food to local businesses, your packaging should be elegant, tasteful, and modern. Smart packaging, a well designed website, and tasteful advertising convey confidence to potential clients. When your clients throw a party they want to know they can trust you, their caterer, to deliver delicious food and tasty beverages.
  • Visit trendy restaurants in your neighborhood to find out what’s hot in the world of food. Clients no longer want pretentious, sit down meals and elaborate buffets. Today, clients want hyper local produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables, vegan options, and small bites. Think tapas style food—small, portable, exotic, and most importantly, delicious.

You work hard to provide delicious food to your clients, now let AmeriMerchant work hard for you. AmeriMerchant has over 10 years of experience providing cash flow solutions and business funding to businesses all over the country. AmeriMerchant will help your catering company with the working capital it needs to throw the best events. Contact AmeriMerchant to discuss how a merchant cash advance can help you by calling 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast.) Visit online, anytime, at