Last-Minute Holiday Tips for Small Businesses

holiday tips

A week from today it will be Christmas, and two weeks from today it will be New Year’s Day…see where we’re going with this? While the holidays are here and the end of the year is nigh, there is still time to ramp up your business and take full advantage of the final two weeks of 2014.

While most individuals spend the holidays reflecting on the events of the last year and how they want to improve moving forward, you’re not there yet. There is still work to do and we want to help you reach your goals as the year winds down. Just because the holidays are closing in doesn’t mean it’s time to throw up the white flag and begin your plan for the New Year. There are still customers out there who need to do holiday shopping.

What can small businesses do to fully conquer the end of the holidays? Here are some last-minute holiday tips for small business owners:

Emails, emails, emails (and more emails!): Because the holidays are here, your company’s emails from now until the end of the year should do one thing: create urgency. Your emails should be alerting potential customers about exclusive deals and sales that will run out before it’s too late. Make sure you do the proper segmenting and A/B testing before sending them out.

Take advantage of social media: Last-second sales? In-store only deals? Buy one get one free? If you plan on doing any last-minute sales or deals, you should be announcing them on your social pages first and foremost. Specifically, your Facebook and Twitter pages can be great resources for this type of strategy and should be making all your primary announcements via these channels.

Last-minute shoppers: Let’s face it, a lot of shoppers wait until the last minute to get their entire list crossed off and in the final stretch of the holiday season, these are the people you should be targeting. Things such as heavy discounts and expedited shipping can help lure these customers in and increase traffic to your store or website.

Time is running out and your business should be moving full-steam ahead to increase your sales as much as you can this holiday season.

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