super bowl party

Is Your Restaurant Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Here Are Some Tips

The Super Bowl. The Holy Grail of American Sports. World Series? It can be fun. Stanley Cup? Exciting, no doubt.

But the Super Bowl? The SUPER BOWL?

This is the be-all, end-all. The one night where your bar or restaurant can seriously make a killing. The other 3 major sports have their championships decided over seven games and two weeks. But the Super Bowl is one night only. One night to rule them all. But it isn’t easy. You can’t just turn the channel on your TV’s to CBS and expect people to come. After all, you’re competing with all the people throwing their own Super Bowl parties in their houses and apartments.

So how can a bar or restaurant entice people to come on down for the Super Bowl? It’s easy. Kinda.

Here are some tips:

Promote the event: This goes without saying…but we’re saying it, anyway. Starting with the obvious: Make sure you have a sign in front of your business alerting passersby what you’re offering. Your sign should display your Super Bowl party as well as a list of drink and food specials and any contests you may be holding. For social media, blast your party everyday on all your social media profiles while also updating them on game day with pictures.

Pump up the volume: There are those who tune into the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials. Make sure you turn up the volume so the commercial geeks can get their fix. In fact, it may not even hurt to have that written on the board outside your bar.

Drink and food specials: Just playing the Super Bowl on your TVs isn’t always enough to lure additional customers and special promotions can help with this. Not everyone is a football fan, but the Super Bowl has come to transcend simply watching a football game; it’s such a significant social gathering that you’ll have customers there who may not care about football, but still want to eat and drink. Please these customers (as well as the fans!) by offering special drink and food specials at discounted rates.