How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Restaurant

small business lending

Restaurants that are eligible for small business lending usually have trouble answering a simple question: what will I use the extra money for? Many restaurant owners forgo receiving additional money because if they don’t need it, they simply will not apply for it. But there are many ways in which you can improve a restaurant, and our Merchant Cash Advance can get you the money you want to do so.

Here are some of the ways restaurants have used our Merchant Cash Advance:

  • New construction and renovation: If you’re looking to expand your current restaurant or build a new one, you’re going to need money to hire a contracting company to perform the construction. Building materials, labor, and real estate costs can all add up to a sizable amount.
  • Employee wages: Have you ever run into issues covering employee payroll or are you looking to hire additional staff? Whether you need to make payroll or want to hire more waiters or cooks, a cash advance can be used for either of these.
  • Marketing and advertising: Launching a marketing or advertising campaign requires a substantial amount of working capital. Normally, restaurant owners will hire consulting agencies for their marketing/advertising efforts and many restaurants have used our money for that.
  • Kitchen equipment: A restaurant requires high quality, dependable machines and equipment. A cash advance can provide the money you need to maintain your equipment. You can also lease new machines and replace old ones.
  • Inventory: At times when inventory is low or you simply want more on hand for your most popular drinks and dishes, a restaurant cash advance can provide you with the funds to purchase additional inventory.

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