Hotel Management Advice for the Holiday Rush

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Hotels are witnessing a surge in occupancy rates, with 141,000 new jobs expected to be created by 2020. With the holidays right around the corner it’s imperative to be on your game to prepare for the oncoming rush. In order to continue this trend and take advantage of the next couple months, a well-organized management system needs to be developed and maintained.

Here is some advice for hotel managers who want to continue growing their business:

  • Building a management team: Managing an experienced team with the proper skills is important, but you also need to make sure they have the confidence to allow them to service your customers. Does your team actually want to commit to performing exceptional service? If you don’t have dedicated employees who are dedicated, it will make business more challenging.
  • Be visible: When managing, your guests will appreciate knowing that a person of authority is greeting them at reception. Another thing you can do is personally deliver them requested items such as pillows or blankets and assure them that if they need anything else to not hesitate to call the desk.
  • Use the internet: Many local hotels do not have the firepower to have an in-house marketing staff, so consider hiring external consultants to perform your online marketing for you. A marketing agency can also redesign and optimize your website. Marketing strategies such as email and social media are essential tools to increasing your customer base. For instance, is your hotel listed on sites such as and If not, you should consider adding your hotel so you become more transparent on the web.
  • Systems and equipment: How up-to-date are your hotel management software systems? It may be time for an upgrade if you haven’t looked into it in some time. An updated software system will help handle multiple reservations and will streamline your process making it easier for your employees. Additionally, if you’re near an airport you should consider implementing a shuttle service if you haven’t already.

Effectively managing a hotel is not easy, and some improvements you make may require additional money especially if you’re planning on updating your systems or hiring more staff. If you want extra money for your hotel, you can contact us and we can set you up with the money you want. AmeriMerchant, a leader in small business lending, can help you today so call us at 1-800-267-3790 to receive a free quote.