Make the Most of Halloween 2016

It’s nearly that time of year again when you can expect a knock on the door from a few of your neighbors disguised as little monsters or ghouls. Yep, it’s Halloween.

Halloween is now the third biggest holiday of the year, after Christmas and Thanksgiving, and not only this, it’s also the start of a fabulous two months for business owners, where consumer spending drastically increases.

Some businesses will be overjoyed when Halloween hits, such as shops that specialize in costumes or those that put on spooktastic events. However, it’s much more than the obvious which will see their profits increase.

Here’s just a few ideas which you can use if your business isn’t normally associated with Halloween…

Gift shops

If you own a gift shop you could stock up on some themed extras, maybe black and orange lights complete with creepy candlesticks. And, what about offering a range of Halloween teddies and toys for children? The majority of young people love Halloween, after all they get to dress up and collect candy!

If you want to go that little bit further, you could also introduce a candy cart where customers can choose their own pick and mix or buy pre-packed bags. Whether they want some treats for themselves, trick-or-treaters or party guests, it’s another way to earn that little bit extra.

Coffee shops

It’s not unusual for a coffee shop to sell a delicious array of fresh cakes so make sure around Halloween yours are decorated appropriately. If they look the part, you’ll create a talking point between your staff and customers, offer something unique and make your business memorable.


Beauty Salons

Hairdressers could offer packages for wild zombie hair, or green rinses. If there’s a resident makeup artist, it would be great to offer some face painting too, this way people can get prepped and excited for whatever they have planned.


If you haven’t got some sort of Halloween event on, you’re seriously missing out. You should invite people to a costume party hosted by your business, create green garish cocktails with gummy worms dangling out of them and put on special offers for the night. Adults love to dress up just as much as children, so make sure that when they do, it’s because they have plans at your establishment.

Your company doesn’t need to have any obvious connection to Halloween, you just need to be prepared. If you think outside of the box, purchase stock in advance and market to your audience, you’ll make sure that people know that yours is the place to go for Halloween themed treats. By making a great impression on this day, you’ll be sure to win custom all year around.

Make sure you;

  • Decorate
  • Introduce deals and offers
  • Think outside the box
  • Market and advertise
  • Purchase adequate stock
  • Use social media
  • Plan in advance