May The Fourth: Han Solo and Small Business Financing

 may the fourth

Happy May Fourth! In honor of this galactic holiday, we thought it’d be fun to think about how small business financing could have benefited characters in the Star Wars Universe. Specifically, we’re going to look into what Han Solo would’ve done with an extra line of credit at his disposal because whether it was cash flow problems or Millennium Falcon repairs, Han and his pals always seemed to be in a squeeze.

Let’s look at some things Han Solo could have used small business financing for:

Improving cash flow: Throughout the Original Trilogy, Han is always in a bind in regards to money, constantly fleeing loan shark Jaba the Hutt and avoiding having to pay him back. In fact, the events of the “Episode IV” start off because Han is desperate for cash and Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker offer to pay him and Chewie a great deal of money for transport to Alderaan. Had Han had access to financing to improve his cash flow and refinance his debt to Jaba, the necessity to help out Obi-Wan and Luke would’ve never arisen, changing the course of the galaxy as we know it. Mind = blown.

Equipment repairs: “What a piece of junk!” is what Luke Skywalker exclaims when he lays eyes on the Millennium Falcon for the first time, and what a piece of junk indeed. However, Han assures him that “she’s got it where it counts.” But Luke does have somewhat of a point, which we come to during “The Empire Strikes Back” when the Falcon’s hyper drive breaks and Han and friends are forced to get it repaired in Cloud City. Conceivably, Han could have used the funds from a small business loan in order to repair the Falcon.

Payroll: Are we sure Chewbacca is dutifully compensated for his work? Chewie is extremely loyal to Han, constantly putting his life in danger for the good of the mission and for his good buddy. In our opinion, Chewie definitely deserves a raise or at least some kind of bonus for all the grunt work he does for Han, especially when it comes to intimidation. Come on, Han, give Chewie his due and increase employee morale in the Millennium Falcon.

Hopefully Han Solo is reading this somewhere in a galaxy far, far away and sends us a hologram asking for some working capital. If not, happy Monday and May the Fourth be with us all!