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May 2016

Capify Newsletter: Edition 11

capify newsletter

Credit scores? Ew. See why credit scores may become a thing of the past in the latest installment of the Capify Newsletter.

Feb 2016

Capify Newsletter: Edition 8

How was everyone’s Super Bowl party? Everyone overdose on wings, mac n’ cheese, nachos and buffalo chicken dip? Or, was that just me…? The Super Bowl may be over, but we haven’t had a chance to offer our thoughts yet. And as long as Bruno Mars and Beyonce don’t steal our spotlight, it’s time to …

Feb 2016

Capify Newsletter: Lucky Number 7

Newsletter 1

Last week we were buried under two feet of snow here in NYC. Thankfully, the snow has melted we’ve finally clawed our way out to bring you our latest newsletter. See what we have in store for you this week below. First: Get Smart with Capify 2015 wasn’t kinda to AMEX or Apple…so should they …

Jan 2016

Capify Newsletter: Edition 6

  CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 6 Ah, yes. The New Year. A time for reflection, anticipation, and, most importantly ch-ch-ch-changes (RIP David Bowie).While we haven’t renewed our gym memberships or read more books (yet…we promise), it’s because we have a job to do…bringing you the newsletter. So depending on how well 2016 is going for you, …

Dec 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition 5

  CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 5 Hi All,It’s beginning to look a lot like…ugh, can’t the holiday break just get here already? We know, we know. You’re counting down the days until you can mail it in ‘till 2016. You’re almost there and the light’s at the end of the tunnel. But on your way to …

Dec 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition 4

CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 4 Thanksgiving weekend is over Worst part, there’s still…gulp…work to do between now and the REAL holiday break (Note to self: make New Year’s plans…). But instead of crouching under your desk George Costanza style and hiding from the world, why not read our newsletter instead? Or just stay under your desk …

Nov 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition Trois

CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION TROIS Hey Halloween? Black Friday and Cyber Monday just called. They want their holiday sales back. Yep, it’s November. From now until after Thanksgiving, prepare to be bludgeoned with everything Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While we’re not above the bludgeoning, we’re taking it in a slightly different direction. Scroll down for …

Nov 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition 2

CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: THE OH SO SPOOKY HALLOWEEN EDITION Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to read… What’s that? You’ve got Halloween fever and the only prescription is NO longer more cowbell, but actually just our Halloween Newsletter? We understand. Halloween is only a few days away, so allow us to ease that …

Oct 2015

Capify Newsletter: First Edition!

Hello! Don’t miss our newsletter. And this ain’t just any newsletter. This is a watershed moment in newsletter history. This is the newsletter to end all newsletters. This newsletter has the chance to transcend the newsletter game forever. This is…CAPIFY NEWSLETTER. So, here’s the newsletter again, in all its glory. Because who wants to be …