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Oct 2016

Infographic: Small Businesses and the Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate Infographic - Copy

We conducted a survey in which we asked over 390 small business owners  their thoughts on the presidential debate held on Sept. 26, 2016. The results show that 70% of business owners said they were very likely to watch the televised event. See more of our survey results in our latest infographic.

Jun 2016

Infographic: 5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Content Marketing

content marketing

Are you new to the content marketing game? Small businesses everywhere are increasing their content marketing budgets in order to reach customers more organically, build loyalty and increase brand awareness. So whether you’re a novice or a veteran, here are 5 ways your small business can use content marketing.

Jun 2016

Infographic: What Could Your Business Do With More Money?

small business loan

What does your small business need help with? Whether it’s bills, taxes, inventory or something completely different, we’ve seen business owners use our funds for LOTS of stuff. Here’s an infographic showing the top 6 things our customers have used the money for.

Mar 2016

Infographic: 7 Ways You Can Use Our Money This Spring

Spring infographic thumbnail

Business funding is in the air and Capify is here to help your business recover and prepare for a blooming season ahead.  We made an infographic detailing how you can use extra funding from Capify to help with all your Spring needs such as replacing equipment, remodeling or opening a new location.

Feb 2016

Infographic: President’s Day 2016

Presidents day header

The following U.S. president’s didn’t just have a knack for politics…they had some impressive business experience, too. Check out our latest infographic and learn more about the business endeavors of the following Commander-in-chiefs. FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitter