Cash Advances for Your Restaurant

Are you looking to dramatically increase your sales? Have you spent time and money trying to attract new customers with little result? Then perhaps it’s time to change your focus from new business to repeat business. By increasing sales through proven customers you’ll build brand loyalty—guaranteeing long term business. If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your sales try these tips to keep your customers coming back for more:

  • Encourage your employees to up sell. Add related products/ or services to your line. If, for example, your business sells anti-aging skin cream, show your customer an anti-aging eye cream and explain how the skin cream is too sensitive for the area of thin skin around the eye. Your customer wants to know the benefits of the additional product in correlation to the product they already know and love. Simply placing new product near your usual product does not ensure a sale.  Make it convenient for your customer to purchase the products together.
  • Give your staff a reason to sell, sell, sell. Offering your employees fun incentives makes them work harder for you. Whether it’s a weekend trip, or a free lunch, your employees will appreciate working hard for a fun goal and want to sell more product.
  • Show your customer you care. A successful tool many large businesses use is a “Customer Profile.” Keep a binder near your register or inside your back office to write down the name, address, phone number, likes and dislikes of your regular customers. Greeting your usual customers by name when they come to shop with you makes them feel valued. If a product comes in that you know your client was searching for, you can call them personally to tell them you’ll put that product on hold until they can make it to your store. This makes your client feel like you’re looking out for them like a friend instead of trying to sell them something.
  • Make your customers feel like they’re “in the know.” If a regular customer comes in and wants to buy a product that you intend to put on sale in the near future, let them know. This sales tactic tells the customer you care about saving them money—and who doesn’t appreciate saving a few dollars?
  • Give away samples to your repeat customers. If you can’t up sell a product, offer your customer a small sample. This increases sales in a few ways:
    • If your customer tries the sample and likes it, they will come back and purchase the product.
    • If your customer gives the sample away to a friend, the friend might enjoy the product and purchase it from your store. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful sales tool.

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