Cash Advances for Your Club

For those waiting behind the velvet rope, owning a nightclub can look like a glamorous way to always be part of the ‘in crowd.’ Successful night club owners know their business is about more than rubbing elbows with celebrities or dancing until dawn with VIP guests. Owning a nightclub is hard work—it takes dedication, determination, and business acumen. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is by installing the latest and greatest technology in your club. Integrating these trends into the front and back end of your business helps you stay on the forefront of a constantly evolving world. To create the hottest nightclub in town, contact AmeriMerchant about a merchant cash advance, and follow these tech tips:

  • E-tablet ordering: Electronic menus are becoming de rigueur in clubs all over the world. Customers like to be in control of what they order, when they order it. E-menus have also show to raise the check average in test venues. Many e-menu devices are integrated with POS systems and allow you to communicate directly with patrons. Allowing your guests to ‘check-in’ on social media sites to receive free drinks or discounts is another benefit of installing the e-menu.
  • Pour it out: In the past it has been impossible for nightclub owners to account for every drop of booze that goes into their patron drinks. Now, with devices like DigiTap, club owners know exactly when and where their liquor is going. DigiTap communicates wirelessly with pour spots which can be programmed to pour a set amount or turn off after last call. The spouts send dispensing info to the central computer and the POS system.
  • Game on: Hosting a trivia night is nothing new to the night club industry. But hosting a trivia game where participants play from their mobile devices is a great way to engage your customers in a new way.
  • Smart music: The days of the coin slot juke box are over. Now, jukeboxes are intelligent and interactive. TouchTunes, the largest interactive out-of-home entertainment network in North America, has a fantastic program called SmartJuke. SmartJuke is an interactive jukebox which allows users to browse music by song name, genre, lyrics, chronology, influences, etc.  Your customers want to be in control of their surroundings and smart jukeboxes provide them with a fun and unusual experience.

Installing new technology can be costly and time consuming. AmeriMerchant can supply your nightclub with the cash solutions it needs to stay on trend. A small business Merchant Cash Advance from AmeriMerchant could help you fill your club with the best technology on the market. If you are a night club owner and you’re interested in finding working capital solutions to keep your club packed with customers, contact AmeriMerchant, today. Apply online to receive a free quote or call us at 1-800-267-3790 (East Coast) or 1-877-279-7199 (West Coast.) Visit us anytime