Cash Solutions Available for Restaurants Affected by BP Oil Spill

Restaurant owners suffered devastating effects from the BP Oil spill, including a decrease in customers due to low tourism, contamination fears and significantly higher prices.  Now, over 730 days from the date of the oil disaster, rising prices of underwater delicacies, decrease in fish growth and populations and public perception of the safety of the fish and seafood continue to plague the restaurant, tourism and commercial fishing industries. AmeriMerchant, a leading cash flow solutions firm, has been successful in financing small businesses that have been impacted by volatile seafood and gas prices.

As April marks the two-year anniversary of the largest oil spill in U.S. History, restaurateurs across the globe—from as far as Europe and the Arctic remain affected by the spill, as the Gulf is a prolific body of water that produces many of world’s most desired seafood. As Scientists continue to see the effects of petroleum on fish and crustaceans in the Gulf, consumers remain skeptical on the safety of seafood.  Amerimerchant can provide cash flow solutions as the seafood industry continues to rebound from the oil spill.

With perseverance, a strong action plan and sufficient funding, the Gulf of Mexico can be restored to its former grandeur. AmeriMerchant applies similar principles to its valued restaurant owners.  From a merchant cash advance to StockUp Inventory purchasing, AmeriMerchant offers working capital solutions tailored to a multitude of business types and needs.

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