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Capify Success Stories: An Entrepreneur Who Continues to Innovate

Joel Salas, owner of Viva La Vida. Oakdale, NY

For Joel, owner of the restaurant Viva La Vida, it’s all about the customer.

The restaurant business is always changing, whether it’s out of need or desire. For Joel? It was both. Like any true entrepreneur, Joel had always wanted to make major improvements to his business and he understood that he needed to in order to keep customers coming back.

In his over twenty years in business, Joel had made changes here and there like repainting the interior with bright new colors or buying new tables and chairs, and this time he wanted to go all the way. But there was one problem: He needed more money.

When Joel heard about Capify, he promptly applied and before he knew it he had the extra funds he needed to renovate his dining room, update equipment, and expand his tequila offerings.

Viva La Vida literally translates to “live life,” and the restaurant was established with the goal of providing a laid-back, no-frills environment where customers can relax at the end of the day with good food and drinks.

At Capify, we strive to help entrepreneurs by providing the working capital they need to make their dreams a reality. For Joel, he’s thrilled that he no longer has to spend his time dreaming. After all, he has a business to run. ¡Qué Bueno!