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Capify Newsletter: Lucky Number 7

Last week we were buried under two feet of snow here in NYC. Thankfully, the snow has melted we’ve finally clawed our way out to bring you our latest newsletter.

See what we have in store for you this week below.

First: Get Smart with Capify

newsletter 2015 wasn’t kinda to AMEX or Apple…so should they be looking to each other for advice? This article seems to think so. #teamwork




newsletter3Mashable: Last year, Amazon announced its Dash Button, allowing customers to order
products with the push of a button. Sounded pretty awesome to us. But the Dash Replenishment Service might just be awesome-er.


newsletter4CNN: Apple the business: Doing great. Apple the stock: eh. Even after selling a record 76 million iPhones and 6 millions Macs during the last quarter of 2015 and totaling a not-too-shabby $18.2 billion in profit…the stock is still down 29%. Such is life.



Stop! You’re doing great. Take a break 

Capify: A GREAT Year in Review 

newsletter52015 was a BIG year for us. So we made an infographic about it. Duh. Click here to see all that Capify accomplished in 2015.


Blizzard Jonas Got Us Like…

newsletter6How’s your 2016 going? Hopefully better than hers. #blizzardfail




Guest Posting with Capify

The Newsletter has been a hit, and people have been asking about guest posting on the Capify blog. If you have some writing chips and have some interesting stuff to say, contact us today about guest posting on the Capify blog. Email our Content Marketing Guy Will at for more info.

What’s the Big Idea? 

Small Businesses need every advantage they can get. Thankfully, we have something called “The Internet.” While the Web 2.0 and content marketing revolution has been a godsend for small businesses in every way imaginable, there’s always room for more. Let’s just say that small businesses may finally be ready for their close-up…but not in a weird way like the crazy lady from “Sunset Boulevard.”



Report: Video Kills Radio Star, Helps Small Businesses

As technologies evolve and become more widely available, small businesses need to evolve, too. Take videos, for instance. Video marketing used to be a pipe-dream for most small businesses for reasons such as cost, accessibility, time and just simply not understanding the benefits of the medium. Now? It’s becoming more of a reality, mainly due to the fact that A. it’s cheaper than ever to produce high-quality videos and B. um, everyone watches them.

So What?

Here’s some stats for you:

  • According to a report from Cisco, video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic by 2019.
  • A 2015 Animoto survey found that one in four consumers indicated they actually lose interest in companies that don’t include video in their marketing.

Basically: Everyone loves video and the lowering costs and versatility of video marketing make it a must-do for small businesses in 2016. The possibilities with the medium can be endless, if done correctly, so small businesses need to be considering their options. With businesses spending more on social media marketing than ever, a social media campaign will no longer be complete without original videos.

We predict: More small businesses getting on their A-game and producing A+ video marketing content. With video expected to make up the majority of Facebook traffic in five years…they better.

Speaking of…did we mention WE do video? Allow me to re-introduce you to Joel. :)

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In Other News

Forbes: Gig Economy: Better for Boomers Than Millennials

Fortune: The Billionaire Behind Walgreens’ Quest for Global Dominance

Mashable: Twitter’s Darkest Hour is Now

– The Capify Team

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