Capify Newsletter: Edition 8

How was everyone’s Super Bowl party? Everyone overdose on wings, mac n’ cheese, nachos and buffalo chicken dip? Or, was that just me…?

The Super Bowl may be over, but we haven’t had a chance to offer our thoughts yet. And as long as Bruno Mars and Beyonce don’t steal our spotlight, it’s time to bring you the latest newsletter…as soon as we drink a lot of Budweiser.

First: Get Smart with Capify

New Yorker: Alright, maybe this won’t exactly make you “smart,” but Rule #17 of being an American: You need to watch all the commercials.



TechCrunchPic2: Bank of America and Wells Fargo are both in the process of integrating Apple Pay into their ATMs. This, combined with Bernie Sanders campaigning for lower ATM fees, means 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for ATMs everywhere. #Blessed.



Stop! You’re doing great. Take a break 

valentines dayInfographic: What We Spend on Valentine’s Day 

We made an infographic detailing our spending habits across the holiday. Check it out here.

trumppSo things got awkward at the GOP debate

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement on behalf of Capify for any presidential candidate. We just like watching Donald Trump be awkward. And honestly, who doesn’t? Click here for the video.

Partner With Us

Capify partners get large deals, and we would love to work with you on yours. In fact, we can go up to $2 million. Here’s a snapshot of our average deals sizes by industry in 2015:

  • Wholesales trade/non-durable goods: $200,000
  • Healthcare services: $175,000
  • Agricultural product: $125,000
  • Real estate: $75,000

Interested in partnering with Capify? Apply or email us.

What’s the Big Idea? 

The Super Bowl is easily the biggest, most fascinating and most polarizing event we have on the pop culture calendar. On one hand, you have the biggest game of the most popular sport. On the other, you have all the commercials, advertising and the halftime show. There is nothing quite like the Big Game. But…this year’s game was quite the dud, and when the game is a dude we need other things to analyze (Peyton Manning kissing the Papa John’s guy notwithstanding).

peyton manning






Marketing to Millennials: 

We know, we know. Everyone is tired of hearing about “millennials.” But once again, a major event has allowed us to peer into the buying and watching habits of the most coveted demographic out there.


When asked about the most important part of the Super Bowl, more than half of millennials say they watch in order to either catch the halftime show, watch the commercials, or socialize with friends. In fact, 18-30 year-olds were the only age group polled that preferred the Super Bowl commercials (26%) to the game itself (24%).

Also, millennials spend the most on Super Bowl by far, shelling out an average of $140 per person, compared to the overall of $82.

So What

When the most significant pop culture event of the year passes and all anyone can talk about is the habits of a particular generation, it’s kind of a big deal. Note to small businesses: millennials are huge. Market your business accordingly.

Basically: Millennials are an odd bunch. They like to be seen. They like to socialize. They like to do what everyone else is doing.

We predict: Millennials aren’t goin’ away. As generations get younger and more tech savvy, small businesses need to keep adjusting.

In Other News

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– The Capify Team

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