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BLANK Ah, yes. The New Year. A time for reflection, anticipation, and, most importantly ch-ch-ch-changes (RIP David Bowie).While we haven’t renewed our gym memberships or read more books (yet…we promise), it’s because we have a job to do…bringing you the newsletter. So depending on how well 2016 is going for you, we promise that after this newsletter it’s going to be a 10.So first… (you know the drill by now)

First: Get Smart with Capify


BLANK design-image Looks like it’s good to be Square. The media has always been bearish, but apparently investors are more optimistic as BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, just invested $31.6 million in the mobile payments giant. button
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SmallBiz Trends New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a series of tax cuts for small businesses in 2016. Small businesses account for 43% of all private sector jobs in the New York, and the tax cut proposal would help small businesses save around $298 million annually. button
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Fortune: Who knew the Thin White Duke was, in addition to being a rock star, a business mogul and pioneer? Speaking of David Bowie, we wrote a blog about his business exploits. Click to read. And if you couldn’t tell, yes we’re obsessed with David Bowie. RIP button
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Meet JoelJoel Salas, owner of the restaurant Viva La Vida, was kind enough to let us film him talking about how awesome Capify is and how we helped grow his business. He loves us, we love him, its nbd.  button
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New Year’s Resolutions: Overrated or Underrated?Jimmy Fallon weighs the pros and cons of making a New Year’s resolution (overrated if you ask us) button
We’re in the news! Our CEO, David Goldin, was interviewed on Bloomberg TV recently. Ever heard of it? For more Capify news, click here. button
Partner with usWant to learn how to join the team? Apply or email David Goldberg. button
What’s the Big Idea?blueline
BLANK As every media outlet looks to predict what will come to define 2016 for small businesses, the hot take factory is firing on all cylinders, as usual. You’ll hear things like government regulation and healthcare being primary topics this year, but another, more subdued issue has caught our eye…. 
BLANK Cloud computing has quickly gone from something that sounds like it should be in a sci-fi movie to an everyday technology for businesses. While most small businesses still have yet to implement cloud technology, it’s estimated that 78% of small businesses with less than 50 employees will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020. In other words, the cloud computing train has left the station. All aboard! SO WHAT We all know about the big data breaches that happened at Target and Home Depot, but small businesses aren’t exactly immune to these, either. In fact, small businesses remain a favorite target for hackers because they have more digital assets than an individual consumer and less security than a big company.

Cybersecurity was already a major topic in 2015, and now that small businesses are becoming more tech-savvy, they’ll have to balance it out with more sophisticated security, too.

Basically: As more and more small businesses migrate their operations to the cloud, they may be putting themselves at risk from a security standpoint.

We predict: We’ll probably be seeing some additional data breaches, unfortunately. Thankfully, we have a $75 billion cyber security industry at our disposal, so ALL businesses should get the protection they need.

BLANK NYTimes: An Entrepreneur Juggles Six Companies and One Worker: Herself buttonForbes: Manhattan’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary OpensbuttonTechCrunch: Spotify Adds Music Annotations from Genius button

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