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BLANK Thanksgiving weekend is over :( Worst part, there’s still…gulp…work to do between now and the REAL holiday break (Note to self: make New Year’s plans…). But instead of crouching under your desk George Costanza style and hiding from the world, why not read our newsletter instead? Or just stay under your desk and read it on your phone. Either works for us.First: Get Smart with Capifyblueline BLANK
BLANK design-image The holiday season is officially going digital. Analysts expect digital purchases will drive $70 billion in sales during the holidays, with around 14% coming from mobile devices. But despite the big numbers, merchants know that much of these sales won’t ever come to fruition due to costumers leaving items in carts and not completing the checkout process. button
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New York Times Starting in January, the Affordable Care Act requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to offer workers health insurance or face steep penalties. As you can probably guess, this is becoming quite the conundrum for small businesses. button
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Digital Transactions: What’s a Capify newsletter without a little EMV shout out? The U.S. currently has 529,000 merchant locations enabled for EMV acceptance, about 49% higher than it was in September. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.  button
HOLD UP!blueline
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Adele wins at ThanksgivingSo, how awkward was your Thanksgiving dinner? Probably not as awkward as this SNL skit. And probably no Adele sing-alongs, either. Click here to see it.button
We’re in the news We’ve been getting some A+ coverage lately. Yeah, people write about us. Click here to visit our News Section. button
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What’s the Big Idea?blueline
BLANK Big idea? Oh, just the biggest shopping weekend of the year just happened.Every year there’s always so many arbitrary numbers thrown around in the days following Thanksgiving Weekend and it’s hard to pinpoint the actual important stuff. Obviously, lots of money was spent this weekend and we could parse, sift, and deconstruct this information any way we want…so we’re going to (perks of the job, what can we say?)
BLANK Black Friay shoppers go increasingly MobileWe’re all accustomed to the image of shoppers frantically barging through Targets and Wal-Marts trying to get their hands on the big sales, but is that still accurate? Well, yeah, but bear with us for a moment.

Over the last decade consumers have been moving more and more towards online shopping, which isn’t exactly news, we know. But what IS news is that this year, over a third of all online shopping was done on mobile devices, up from 30% (!) last year.


If this weekend has taught us anything, it’s that more people are shopping on their smartphones and tablets and small businesses are going to have to catch up. Until recently, mobile optimization was reserved for big companies flush with resources. Well, not anymore.

Basically: We’re so lazy we can’t even turn on a desktop computer these days, let alone drive to Best Buy. Smh.

We predict: Big businesses already do this, but more small businesses are bound to start offering online-only exclusives through their website in the coming years.

BLANK Washington Post: Amazon has a new drone delivery video. Here are 8 details worth noting. buttonNew York Times: Target and PayPal Sites Report Problems on Cyber Monday button

Nasdaq: How Financial Technology is Disrupting the Industry button

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