Jan 2016

Valentine’s Day Tips for Florists and Flower Shops

Masterclass of smiling florist at work with bunch of flowers

What’s that? Valentine’s Day is less than TWO weeks away? Oy. Looks like we have some work to do. Ignore all the haters bemoaning Valentine’s Day as a “fake” holiday, because it’s real to us. Lots of our customers, especially florists, rely on Valentine’s Day as a boost in sales in an otherwise slow period …

Jan 2016

Is Your Restaurant Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Here Are Some Tips

super bowl party

The Super Bowl. The Holy Grail of American Sports. World Series? It can be fun. Stanley Cup? Exciting, no doubt. But the Super Bowl? The SUPER BOWL? This is the be-all, end-all. The one night where your bar or restaurant can seriously make a killing. The other 3 major sports have their championships decided over …

Jan 2016

Capify Newsletter: Edition 6

  CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 6 Ah, yes. The New Year. A time for reflection, anticipation, and, most importantly ch-ch-ch-changes (RIP David Bowie).While we haven’t renewed our gym memberships or read more books (yet…we promise), it’s because we have a job to do…bringing you the newsletter. So depending on how well 2016 is going for you, …

Jan 2016

Capify Success Stories: An Entrepreneur Who Continues to Innovate

joel image

Joel Salas, owner of Viva La Vida. Oakdale, NY For Joel, owner of the restaurant Viva La Vida, it’s all about the customer. The restaurant business is always changing, whether it’s out of need or desire. For Joel? It was both. Like any true entrepreneur, Joel had always wanted to make major improvements to his …

Jan 2016

David Bowie: Business Visionary

Who knew David Bowie had a business acumen? While David Bowie is known for cuts like “Young Americans” and “Heroes” and alter egos like Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom, it looks like we can chalk up another superlative to the illustrious pop star’s career: Business mogul. Bowie, who died Sunday at the age of 69, …

Jan 2016

The 411 On a Merchant Cash Advance

merchant cash advance

The 411 On Our Merchant Cash Advance You’ve heard the term “Merchant Cash Advance” so many times, but what does it mean? How does merchant cash advance = small business financing? For years small businesses were accustomed to showing up at their local community bank, filling out some paperwork and usually weeks or even months …

Dec 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition 5

  CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 5 Hi All,It’s beginning to look a lot like…ugh, can’t the holiday break just get here already? We know, we know. You’re counting down the days until you can mail it in ‘till 2016. You’re almost there and the light’s at the end of the tunnel. But on your way to …

Dec 2015

Capify Newsletter: Edition 4

CAPIFY NEWSLETTER: EDITION 4 Thanksgiving weekend is over Worst part, there’s still…gulp…work to do between now and the REAL holiday break (Note to self: make New Year’s plans…). But instead of crouching under your desk George Costanza style and hiding from the world, why not read our newsletter instead? Or just stay under your desk …

Dec 2015

3 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips!

last minute holiday marketing

It’s December 1. Do you know how your holiday marketing is going? For most small businesses, the holidays are a time for big profits and big opportunity. But in order to make both of these happen, you can’t just sit back idly and let everything happen to you. It’s important that you rise up and …

Nov 2015

4 Tips for Preventing Shoplifting At Your Retail Store

small business security

Brick-and-mortar stores already have it hard enough. Whether it’s competing with big box stores or eCommerce hogging all the holiday sales, it ain’t as easy as it was for mom and dad. Especially when you bring shoplifting into the equation. Shoplifting? Yeah, shoplifting. People still do that, and many like to feast on smaller, independent …