Apr 2016

Loans for Bad Credit and Your Small Business

loans for bad credit

Are you looking for business loans for bad credit? Wait, who said anything about “bad credit”? At Capify, we don’t believe in such terms. A credit score can mean many things, not all of which are reflective of you as a business owner.

Apr 2016

Is Your Coffee Shop On Instagram? Here’s Why It Should Be

coffee shop loan

Instagram has quickly become one of the most influential social networks, especially when it comes to restaurants, cafés and coffee shops. While Facebook has long been the gold standard for social media marketing, Instagram should not be taking a backseat and, if you own a coffee shop or café, it probably now belongs upfront. Where …

Apr 2016

Earth Day: 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Make an Impact

earth day small business

This Friday is the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day, and to celebrate we want to take a look at a subject business owners aren’t usually excited about: sustainability. Question: How sustainable is your small business, energy wise? Commercials buildings of all kinds generally use up a lot of energy, and as a small business owner it’s …

Apr 2016

Make Your Brewery Standout With These Three Tips

brewery loan

Separating yourself from the competition is never easy. Like any small business, your brewery needs to look at whatever the next guy is doing, and do the opposite. Here are some ways your business can stand out from the pack.

Apr 2016

Yelp Reviews and Your Restaurant: Battling the Bad

restaurant loan

Did a recent bad Yelp review crush your soul? Don’t let it. These things happen. It’s okay. More so than any small business, restaurants are generally the most prone to bad Yelp reviews; there are just so many things to comment on from a customer perspective. Things such as service, wait times, prices, the food, …

Mar 2016

Infographic: 7 Ways You Can Use Our Money This Spring

Spring infographic thumbnail

Business funding is in the air and Capify is here to help your business recover and prepare for a blooming season ahead.  We made an infographic detailing how you can use extra funding from Capify to help with all your Spring needs such as replacing equipment, remodeling or opening a new location.

Mar 2016

Method to the Madness: March Madness Tips for Your Bar

march madness bars

We’re just a few days away until March Madness descends on America, and bars and restaurants must be on high alert. Buzzer beaters will be sunk, brackets will be busted and, as always, revenue will go through the roof. March Madness routinely rakes in around $1 billion in revenue every year, and your bar should be …

Mar 2016

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Business

international womens day

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate this day, we want to share some notable women in the business world, past and present. Currently, individuals such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!), and Ursula Burns (Xerox) are leading the charge as women make their corporate mark in 21st century. But what about in terms of …