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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is all the rage in the marketing world. It is a rapidly increasing mode of generating leads, forming closer ties with clients (existing or prospective) and promoting your small business through blog posts, social media, videos and other channels.

Content marketing can draw more attention to your small business! If more word gets out to potential customers, the more they will want to purchase a product or service from you.  It can also help you brand your company as trustworthy. When a company is in contact with their consumers through content marketing, 57% felt more positively toward those brands that provide content opposed to just advertisements.

There are so many options—how can I choose the best ways to use content marketing?

There is an overwhelming amount of places to do your content marketing, but we’ve listed a few ways so your small business can make the shift:

Social Media: If you don’t already have one, create a social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Be up to date and post regularly on social media. Be at the top of their news feeds!

Blogging: Once the public knows who you are, share your expertise. Answer common questions asked in your target audience and build trust by providing quick tips among your customers. Give your reader the inside scoop on all things related to your business.

Videos: Provide tutorials or informational videos explaining a question the customers (existing or prospective) may have—no one wants to be confused! 50% of content marketing is video-based and you don’t want to be left behind.

Guest Appearances & Endorsements: After establishing yourself in your social media posts, blogs and videos, write guest blogs on popular sites in your industry. Get your name and company out there and have loyal customers endorse your product/service.

Monthly Newsletters: And if you’re really ambitious, send out monthly newsletters to remind your customers of what your company is doing. Keep them in the loop and make them feel like they’re a part of the conversation.

Why should I care about content marketing?

You shouldn’t get left behind because 77% of small businesses are investing in content marketing. 85% of brands use content marketing but less than 50% believe they are good at it, so always stay ahead of the curve and use it to your advantage! Adopting content marketing is not a difficult task—you just have to be smart about your how you get the word out and how you approach your customers.