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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Win Memorial Day Weekend

Who knew Memorial Day could be such a good marketing opportunity for small businesses?

While the ceremonial beginning of summer is traditionally reserved for parades, weddings and cookouts. But it can also be a way for your small business to ramp up its sales.

Memorial Day? Really?

Oh yes. We’re all familiar with holiday marketing for things like Christmas and the Fourth of July, but Memorial Day is a stone often left unturned. When you boil it down, promoting your business during Memorial Day is just like any other holiday promotion, it just involves a little bit more creativity.

Because lots of your competitors probably aren’t even thinking about Memorial Day, it’s time for you to zig while everyone else zags.

Here are some easy ways your business can win Memorial Day weekend:

  1. Social contests: Contests in the traditional sense can yield mixed results. These days, consumers are a bit too smart to just fall for any old handout, so you need to give them incentive. But how? Well, since Memorial Day is only a few weeks away, your offer automatically becomes times sensitive, giving customers that extra little nudge to participate in your contest before the end date. Here’s an easy example: On your social media pages, ask users to share a post about your product by a certain date, with the first 5-10 people getting a discount or free item at your business.
  1. Mobile coupons: Mobile is the hot word on the streets right now, and for good reason. But don’t let the word “mobile” scare you away. It’s actually surprisingly easy to put a little mobile coupon campaign together. Who needs physical coupons, anyway? Research shows that mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons and you also don’t need to pay for printing, which is so 2010. Again, time sensitivity is key here. So make sure your coupon points out that it must be redeemed by Memorial Day to get people to come to your business now instead of forgetting about it. Click here for a list of mobile coupon providers that you can use.
  1. Experiment with Snapchat: Yes, we know. Snapchat—like any new social media platform—can be scary at first. But trust us, it works. 58% of college students say they’d be likely to purchase a coupon if it was sent to them over Snapchat. It’s easy to craft a special Memorial Day themed Snapchat promotion that encourages users to take a Snap using your product. If they do, they get a coupon or discount. Boom.
  1. Sponsor a veteran: It is Memorial Day, after all. Sometimes, the easiest campaigns can be the best. Consider reaching out to a veteran or active military member in your community and offering them and their family an exclusive offer. Also, another thing you can do is on actual Memorial Day (if you’re open), give a discount to all veterans and active service members who come in. And don’t forget the post the pics on social media!

These easy ideas show you that you don’t need to break the bank for your Memorial Day marketing strategy. The key is just to build relationships and strengthen brand awareness on an otherwise forgotten holiday.