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4 Tips for Preventing Shoplifting At Your Retail Store

Brick-and-mortar stores already have it hard enough. Whether it’s competing with big box stores or eCommerce hogging all the holiday sales, it ain’t as easy as it was for mom and dad. Especially when you bring shoplifting into the equation.

Shoplifting? Yeah, shoplifting. People still do that, and many like to feast on smaller, independent businesses who don’t have the security resources to combat theft.

According to Sennco Solutions, more than $35 million worth of retail products are stolen every day, with many coming from small businesses. With the holiday season in overdrive, smaller retail stores can’t afford to lose sales from shoplifters.

Here are some tips to get rid of shoplifting:

What items are at risk?

Firstly, what any retail store owner should do is take inventory of what items would be most likely to be stolen. These can be anything that have a certain value, are popular or are simply just small enough to fit in someone’s pocket. Either position these items so they’re harder to steal (like behind the register and counter) or position them in your store so you can keep a close eye on them at all times.

It’s all in the design

Chances are any potential shoplifter won’t exactly have skills like Will Smith in “Focus”, so if you design your store in a certain way you may be able to enhance your security. Stores that have a lot of little corners and blind spots are easy targets, so try giving your store a more open layout and use convex mirrors that enable you to see any blind spots.

Train your employees

All employees should be trained on how to properly deal with shoplifters. Whether it’s recognizing potential individuals (people in bulky coats, people with large bags etc.) or just keeping a watchful eye on customers, employees should understand that theft can happen at any time. Also, it helps if they’re proactive like this.

Um, get security cameras

I know, I know. Easier said than done. Installing security cameras in your store is an expensive proposition, but if you’ve been a victim of shoplifting in the past and want to get rid of it as efficiently as you can, this is the way to go.

At Capify, we’d hate to see any business have to deal with any shoplifting episode, so if you think you may need help increasing your security this holiday season and beyond, contact us today.