last minute holiday marketing

3 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips!

It’s December 1. Do you know how your holiday marketing is going?

For most small businesses, the holidays are a time for big profits and big opportunity. But in order to make both of these happen, you can’t just sit back idly and let everything happen to you. It’s important that you rise up and take control of everything and, in the words of Bill Belichick, you need to do your job.

To help, we’ve put together some last-minute holiday marketing tips for your small business:

Gift ideas via email

For last-minute marketing, email is always a good bet. It’s fast, it’s cheap and you know it’s going to reach the customer, assuming it doesn’t land in their junk folder. You can take holiday email marketing in a lot of ways, but for this purpose you can benefit by aligning yourself with their needs. Think about it: how many of us wait until the last minute to finish holiday shopping? By sending an email reminding them to finish their shopping while steering them to your website, this may help you squeeze out some sales.

Scenario: Customer Cathy checking Twitter on her iPhone suddenly gets an email about finishing her holiday shopping. Cathy thinks “Gee wiz, I DO need to buy things for my family! Oh, this business in my town is having a sale? Perfect!

Social media promotions

How does killing two birds with one stone sound? Because, if done right, this is exactly what can happen with a social media promotion. What you can do is post a message on your social channels with the specifics of your promotion with the stipulation that they must follow your page in order to qualify. For instance, let’s say you’re offering 25% off certain items in your store, but only to your Facebook fans. This will not only get people coming into your store to get the discount, but more people will like your page in order to qualify.

Don’t run out of inventory, silly

Lost in the crazy marketing bonanza your putting your business through, you might want to check your back room and make sure you everything you need. But not only will you want to make sure your shelves are fully stocked, you should also check to make sure any vital equipment is also working properly and doesn’t need repairs.

Don’t let the holiday rush pass by you. Use these tips to take the reins of December!